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Photos of Jessica SNSD

aku kali ini mau ngepost fotonya Jessica, dia member fav. aku di SNSD πŸ˜€

silakan dilihat chingu πŸ˜€

gimana gimana? cantik kan? iya dong pasti hehehe gimana menurut kalian?


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8 thoughts on “Photos of Jessica SNSD

  1. cantiiiiiik πŸ™‚ nyul mau request foto boleeh ?

  2. nyul mau reqeust foto Ga In brown eyed girl >< itu cantiiiik banget
    aku sukaaaa banget πŸ˜€

  3. jessica oppa is the best

  4. I like You yoona,Jessica,Yuri


  5. SONEyoona sica on said:

    She is beautiful….. πŸ™‚

  6. Choi Jung Eun Stefie on said:

    Annyeong! viewers baru! fifi imnida^^
    blh req pict gag?klo blh aq req pictnya tiffany snsd donk^_^

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